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  1. Automatic Bin
    Now Only $79.00
  2. Hand Dryer
    Now Only $299.00
  3. Baby Station
    Now Only $454.00
  4. Braille Sign
    Now Only $45.00
  5. Scent Disp.
    Now Only $10.00
  6. Jumbo Toilet
    Now Only $74.00
  7. Wall Ashtray
    Now Only $169.00
  8. Paper Towels
    Now Only $48.00
  9. Towel Disp.
    Now Only $38.00
  10. Shower Fit
    Now Only $138.50
  11. Dispenser
    Now Only $48.00
  12. Lock
    Now Only $37.00
  13. Soap Disp.
    Now Only $46.00
  14. Towel dispenser
    Now Only $44.00
  15. Nitrile Blue
    Now Only $16.00
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Washroom Supplies in Australia

OzWashroom is an online retailer and wholesaler of washroom accessories. We provide the best quality products at very reasonable price. We pride ourselves with the 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have the largest range of washroom supplies including toilet roll dispensers, grab rails, hand dryers, soap dispensers, sanitary bins, mirrors, tapware, paper towel dispensers and hand towel. We provide up to 6 years extended warranty on all our hand dryers