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Ozwashroom is proud to be Australian owned and managed family business. Formed in the early 2005 with a humble beginning, it has been a progressive evolution culminating in what is today’s ozwashroom, with the forward thinking and ideas by our founder when she worked in the IT industry sector in Victoria, Australia.

After starting up business as a core supplier of automatic hand dryers online store to small businesses and builders and developers throughout Australia, ozwashroom experienced a huge demand of washroom accessories to compliment the demand for hand dryers.
This background was the basis for establishing ozwashroom using contemporary styling and local & overseas manufacture to fulfil a need for quality, affordable and readily available washroom equipment.

This approach to business has seen substantial commitment on ozwashroom part in the continuing design and supply of flexible washroom accessory product alternatives that are now readily available, and widely utilised, in the Commercial Construction sector throughout Australia.
Significant product development has occurred since that time including the introduction of Jet automatic hand dryers. Ozwashroom was the first to introduce the jet hand dryer at a budget price that is affordable to small and medium businesses. Ozwashroom earned the trust of many washroom manufacturers locally and overseas such as JD MacDonald, Bobrick, Metlam and Livi.

OzWashroom is an online retailer and wholesaler of washroom accessories. We provide the best quality products at very reasonable price. We pride ourselves with the 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you are not happy with our product you can exchange or ask for refund within 14 days of purchase no questions asked. We provide up to 5 years extended warranty on all our hand dryers.


COVID-19 vaccinations: workplace rights and obligations

Published 9 April 2021 | Updated 15 February 2022

Australia's COVID-19 vaccine coverage continues to increase. Employers and employees are encouraged to continue working together to find solutions that suit their individual needs and workplaces. An important part of Australia’s vaccine rollout continues to be a collaborative approach in the workplace that includes discussing, planning and facilitating COVID-19 vaccinations.

Employers can support their employees by:

  • giving employees leave or paid time off to get vaccinated
  • helping to ensure employees have access to reliable and up-to-date information about the effectiveness of vaccinations – visit the Department of Health’s website to Approved COVID-19 vaccines external-icon.png
  • where employees choose not to be vaccinated or aren’t able to be vaccinated, exploring other options including alternative work arrangements.

In some cases, employers may be able to require their employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19, including where a specific law (such as a public health order) requires it. Employers should get legal advice if they’re considering requiring COVID-19 vaccinations in their workplace.

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Ozwashroom is a trusted source for commercial restrooms, public facilities, and luxury bathrooms, offering competitively priced bathroom supplies across Australia. Explore our online store for hand dryers, dispensers, grab bars, and other essentials from top brands such as Bobrick, Kleenex, Vortex, Koalakare and much more.