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Fragrance Dispensers

AF343 Fragrance Dispensers and three Fra...

$19.00 $29.00

AF106 Digital Automatic Fragrance Dispen...


B244 Apple Fragrance Spray Can

$3.65 $5.95

AF34 Timed Fragrance Dispenser


VCL-2 Odour Neutraliser Dispenser...


B2044 Lavender Fragrance Spray Can...

$3.65 $5.95

B225 Vanilla Fragrance Spray Can...

$3.65 $5.95

B226 Jasmine Fragrance Spray Can...

$3.65 $5.95

B208 Lemon Fragrance Spray Can

$3.65 $5.95

B221 Musk Fragrance, Quality Mild & ...


B203 Herb Fragrance Spray Can

$3.65 $5.95

B2062 Wind Of Ocean Fragrance Spray Can...

$3.65 $5.95

B243 Osmanthus Fragrance Spray Can...

$3.65 $5.95

B242 French Perfume Fragrance Spray Can...

$3.65 $5.95

B220 Gardenia Fragrance Spray Can...

Temporarily Not Available

$3.65 $5.95

B205 Lilac Fragrance Spray Can

$3.65 $5.95

B207 Cologne Fragrance Spray Can...

$3.65 $5.95

NEU-1 Odour Neutraliser Can


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Fragrance Dispensers
Date published: 01/12/2017
5 / 5 stars

Public Fragrance Dispensers

The use of Public Fragrance Dispensers reassures users that your washroom is clean and cared for helping to create a positive view of your business. As judgements are made about the rest of your business from their experiences of using your facilities the use of Public Fragrance Dispensers to control and minimise unpleasant odours is vital. Make washroom visitors feel welcome with our large range of fragrance and soap dispensers. Our advanced, Public Fragrance Dispensers are ideal for use in the washroom environment and deliver fragrances that give a great first impression.

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