Sanitary Bin Automatic No Touch Lady Disposal Unit

The Touch Free Slim-Line Lady Sanitary Disposal Unit Light Grey Lady Bin is the perfect solution for any female washroom. It is designed to be slim, discreet, and most importantly touch free. The unit is activated automatically with the sanitary disposal of used disposables. This is not only an eco-friendly product, but also reduces the spread of germs during the disposal process.

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  • AUTOMATIC sanitary bin, Super Hygienic, No touch, Practical, Durable and User friendly
  • Slim enough to fit inside a standard sized cubicle,
  • SBA001 Slim-Line Automatic Lady Bin Sanitary Disposal Unit 22L
  • The unit is easy to use, convenient and blends into any washroom decor
  • Light Grey Lady Bin Sanitary Disposal unit is perfect for any Female washroom
  • No Touch Hygienic Slim enough to fit neatly alongside the toilet pedestal without causing any inconvenience
  • easy to use lid,  Dimensions: 310mm x 170mm x 610mm (H) Weight: 1.70kg - 2.1kg
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Elevate your restroom experience with the Hands-Free SBA001 Female Sanitary Bin

Offering unparalleled convenience, hygiene, and style. Explore its features and benefits further at OzWashroom.

Introducing the Hands-Free SBA001 Female Sanitary Bin, a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance hygiene and convenience in restroom facilities. This automatic sanitary bin is crafted with advanced technology to offer a hands-free experience, promoting cleanliness and user comfort.

Featuring a sleek and modern design, the Hands-Free SBA001 blends seamlessly into any restroom environment while providing a discreet and efficient disposal solution for feminine hygiene products. Its compact yet spacious interior accommodates waste securely, ensuring a tidy and hygienic restroom space.

Equipped with motion-sensing technology, this sanitary bin opens automatically when approached, allowing for effortless and touch-free operation. This innovative feature not only minimizes the risk of cross-contamination but also enhances user convenience, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic commercial settings, including offices, restaurants, hotels, and healthcare facilities.

Constructed from durable materials, the Hands-Free SBA001 Female Sanitary Bin is built to withstand frequent use and maintain its pristine appearance over time. Its easy-to-clean surface facilitates hassle-free maintenance, promoting optimal hygiene standards in any restroom environment.


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