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Soap Dishes

JDM-6810-21 JD Macdonald Soap Dish...


JDM-6810-87 JD Macdonald shower Soap Bas...


ML236 Metlam Recessed Soap & Shampoo...


ML237 Metlam Recessed Soap & Shampoo...

$60.00 $86.00

ML240-B Metlam Corner Soap Basket...


ML240LRG Metlam Corner Soap Basket - Lar...


ML241 Metlam Satin Soap Dish

$43.00 $62.00

ML243 Metlam Corner Soap and Shampoo Hol...

$98.00 $141.00

JDM-6899-87 JD Macdonald Shower Soap Bas...


10-7320 JD Macdonald Soap Dish

$43.00 $59.00

B7680 Bobrick Soap Dish

$43.00 $50.00

A8871 Ozwashroom Stainless Steel Soap Di...


ML230 Metlam Soap Dish with Drain...


ML231 Metlam Soap Dish with Drain - Sat...


JDM-140 JDMacdonald Security Soap Dish R...


ML5859-CP Metlam's Sturt Soap Dish...


ML6220 Metlam's Lachlan Soap Dish...


ML6082 PSS Metlam Paterson Soap Dish and...


ML3359B Metlam Soap Dish with Drain Hole...


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Soap Dishes
Date published: 02/12/2017
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Soap Dishes in Australia

Like other bathroom accessories, Soap Dishes go a long way. Surprisingly, soap dishes are available in various styles and configurations. Mix and match with different materials to suit your space. Soap Dishes come with enough options to style your bathroom the way you like it. Keep your bathroom neat and tidy with our amazing range of Soap Dishes ideal together with our under bench soap dispenser. Complement your bathroom or kitchen sink with something practical and stylish in our range of liquid soap with soap dishes. These items are designed in a variety of colours to suit different bathroom decors. 

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