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Commercial Washroom Hooks

B211 Bobrick Heavy Duty Robe Hook

$47.00 $70.00

B212 Bobrick Hook and Bumper

$23.00 $25.00

102 Metlam Coat Hook


202 Metlam Chrome Coat Hook

Temporarily Not Available


SSL-6654S-1 Stainless Steel Satin Robe Ho...

Temporarily Not Available


B682 Bobrick Vertical Double Hook

$92.00 $110.00

B677 Bobrick Towel Pin

$79.00 $95.00

B671 Bobrick Classic Robe Hook

$72.00 $90.00

B670 Bobrick Clothes Hook

$72.00 $90.00

B545X18 Bobrick Towel Rail - Cubicle

$150.00 $172.00

B7636 Bobrick Retractable Clothes Line

$64.00 $75.00

B7682 Bobrick Budget Double Hook

$50.00 $66.00

10-8425 JD Macdonald Single Hook

$35.00 $49.00

JDM-8753 JD Macdonald Robe Hook

$66.00 $97.00

10-8215 JD Macdonald Hook Rack

$129.00 $177.00

B7672 Bobrick Double Robe Hook

$33.00 $40.00

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Date published: 01/12/2017
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Coat Hooks

Keep your home tidy with a design from our range of handy Coat Hooks. A single hook on the back of a bathroom door is the perfect place to hang dressing gowns, while a wall-mounted coat hook rack paired with a shoe rack in your hallway gives guests a convenient place to put their things. As well as being practical, Coat Hooks can be a part of your overall interior design; make an impact with quirky coat hooks in the bedroom, or go for a coat hook with a shelf. Discover more about our products such as jumbo dispensers and our stainless steel outdoor ashtrays and much more.

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