Hand Dryers Noise Levels

Hand Dryers Noise Levels

It is hard for ordinary person to work out the noise level in db, which is the measure of noise level.

Generally, the last thing people do wonder about hand dryers or care about is the noise in general

But in reality it is extremely important to take the noise level of hand dryers into consideration as overtime it is harmful for your ears

Check out our post here which explains noise levels in detail

We follow Safe work Australia what they say is

"50 decibels if your work requires high concentration or effortless conversation

70 decibels if your work is routine, fast-paced and demands attentiveness or if it is important to carry on conversations"

Hand Dryer, Noise Levels Chart   High airflow hand dryers are found in many public restrooms and office blocks today.

   These dryers offer quick and clean hand drying, and are seenas being an environment-friendly alternative to     paper towels. However, many new hand dryers are loud, exposing individuals using the facilities. While hand       dryers do reduce paper trash, they pose as a different sort of hazard to our environment and population.

   Many people don't knowthe measure of noise intensity (in dB) of the noise produced by the air dryers in            campus restrooms.

    The decibel ( dB) is used to measure sound level, but it is also widely used in electronics, signals and            communication. The dB is a logarithmicway of describing noise. We relate dB to the phones and the machinaries (related to loudness), and now a days it is a measure of hand dryer noise. 

   So in order to make it easier for any facility manager to decide or builder or any person intending to purchase a hand dryer, we have produced a simple chart of noise levels associated with different environment compared with differnt models of hand dryers.

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